Vancouver Aquarium

Posted by Hannah on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

On Monday night Mike and I went out for Indian food to Salam Bombay with our friend Gina, and she brought along one of her friends. This place does good Indian food!

On Tuesday, while Mike was busy taking pictures of the city across the water, I went to the Vancouver Aquarium. All the animals that end up here are ones that have been saved from the wild and which otherwise would have died if they had not been brought here.

There's also an Amazonian Rainforest section...

I got to see a dolphin show whilst I was there too, they were so good! I took lots of video of it too and once I get home I'll try and upload some clips of it!

Later on mike and I went to Granville Island to check out the market there. I think we went too late in the day really as lots of the shops were shut already and it was pretty quiet. I think this would be really nice in the summer on a warm, clear day as there was a good view of the city from here.

Oh and this is me with my new bag and jacket! Looking a bit cold!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. jackiescrafts

    Love the new bag and your jacket is nice too although it looks like you really needed something warmer
    Great pictures of the aquarium, shame you didn't go to the market earlier
    Have a good day today
    Love Mum x

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