My weekend

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This weekend has been pretty busy. Our good friend Vivian is leaving Toronto on tomorrow to go back to Taiwan and finish her phD. I'm going to miss her a lot - we are definitely Gossip Girl buddies but we have planned to watch them together over Skype so we can comment and talk about the episodes still!

On Friday night we went out for dinner with her and another friend to a French restaurant called La Palette. Mike and I had the Steak Frites and the food was pretty good but it was kinda pricey there.

We didn't stay out too late as on Saturday mornings we have our skiing lessons which we LOVE. This week was the last lesson and I'm pleased to report that we both passed! Now we can register for Step 3 next winter. This is one of the best things about winter! Our instructor Olivia was awesome and we got her a little gift of a Chapters gift card to say thank you.

Saturday afternoon we met Vivian, Luciano and Keiko at Petite Thuet's for brunch and had warmed pain au chocolat and hot chocolate. This place is so good and they kept giving us free samples of things to try. We sampled their French onion soup which was delicious and then they brought us these braised pork on very thin toasted baguette slices. I think we'll be going back there!

After that we stopped by the LCBO to pick up some drinks for the evening before everyone returned to our place. We played You Don't Know Jack on the Xbox and Mario on the Wii both of which were very competitive and things were getting pretty heated! You Don't Know Jack is a very funny trivia game but your probably not going to know many answers the questions are so random!

Sunday was all about resting, we were so tired. All in all a perfect weekend :)

The long weekend via Instagram

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We didn't make it to the Tim Burton exhibition in end. The queue was just so long and the temperatures so cold that we gave up on it. However, I did manage to pick up two cute dresses for spring/summer at Old Navy so that was good.
Here's a snippet of our weekend in photos

Mike and I at Lone Star (Mike had all you can eat fajitas and I had chicken quesadillas), the long queue for the exhibition, Chamomile tea from DavidsTea last night, Sunday morning breakfast (Nutella on toast with pineapple, strawberries and grapes) and last nights dinner (spaghetti squash primavera with homemade chips/fries)!