Posted by Hannah on Thursday, April 7, 2011.

Our tour guide from Sunday told us the number one food in Vancouver is the Japadog - apparently people here love hotdogs and this is the Japanese take on it!

I looked it up on good old Google and this Japadog stand is the best place to get a hotdog in the city so yesterday lunchtime we decided to try it out and it was very good. This one was a beef sausage with onions, a special mayonnaise and seaweed. Yum!

Centre picture on the top row - Jin from Lost eats Japadogs so they must be good! Ha!

After lunch we went down to the harbour again as the weather was much better today. The view from here is amazing with the snow topped mountains in the background. There's also a water airport here and it's actually a real commercial airport and the boats take off and land on the water. I think our tour guide said they fly to Seattle.

Super pretty view before we headed over to catch the seaboat to the other side to go to Lynn Canyon Park.

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  1. jackiescrafts

    Great pictures, the japadog sounds good

    Hugs Mum x

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