Trip to Stanley Park

Posted by Hannah on Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

We are having a great time in Vancouver! It's so rainy and cold here though. It started raining Sunday evening and then on Monday it just rained all day. We're not used to this much rain anymore! Oh well.

On Sunday we decided to take a walking tour of Stanley Park (before the rain came!)

Waiting to start the tour outside the Vancouver art gallery. We were the only people on the tour!

Cherry blossom in the park.

The water here is salt water which goes all the way to the Pacific Ocean. It felt like a long time since we had smelt the sea!

The old bear house from when there used to be a zoo in the park.

A miniature train actually powered by a real steam engine.

Totem poles from when the area was originally inhabited by First Nations.

Oh yes and we found a Nando's! We have now been to Nando's in 4 different time zones!

Today I'm off to the aquarium.

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  1. jackiescrafts

    Great pictures Han, the cherry blossom is very pretty and yes it's a long time since you smelt the sea. The weather sounds very Cumbrian lol wet and windy you can't have forgotten what it's like can you?????
    Enjoy your trip to the aquarium

    Love Mum xx

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