Scratch Map

Posted by Hannah on Wednesday, August 31, 2011.

Last weekend we framed the scratch map that Ruth bought us for our birthdays! It looks so good hanging on our wall! We put a sheet of metal in the frame behind the map so all of our magnets stick to it!

Thanks Ruth!

New York - Day 5

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On our final day we went to the Bronx Zoo!

Dinner at Spring Natural restaurant

New York - Day 4 - My Birthday! (Part 2)

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We took a stroll through Central Park

Then headed up to Washington Square Park and saw some of the NYU buildings

After a snack of garlic brad and prawn cocktail we headed up to the top of the Rockerfeller Centre

Top of the Rock is much better than the Empire State building!

While we were up there it the lightening started so everyone had to move from the top floor to a lower one. Such a shame as we were just getting the evening the evening pictures. Then it really started to rain so we came back down and got some frozen yogurt from Ben and Jerry's before heading back to the hotel - you can see the big black clouds moving in!

New York - Day 4 - My Birthday! (Part 1)

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We set off early to arrive at the Empire Sate building as it opened so that we could avoid the queues and luckily for us it worked and we walked straight in

Up we went to the 86th floor

We then went up to the 102nd floor

So high up!

Afterwards we went in this souvenir shop. A great shop which sold all the souvenirs at half the price of every other shop in New York! We walked the passage to the door to enter the shop and as I grabbed hold of the door handle there was an almighty crash as though one of the shop windows had been smashed. We turned around to see that one of the strip lights had fallen from the ceiling and smashed on the floor sending glass everywhere. It only just missed us!

The Met

A fancy organic cupcake truck

I had to try one since it was my birthday! Yummy!

New York - Day 3

Posted by Hannah on Saturday, August 27, 2011.
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We rose early to catch the first ferry to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty

Gigapan doing its thing!

We then carried on to Ellis Island which we had not been able to do last time, and toured the Eliis Island Museum of Immigration

The Hall where all the immigrants were held before they saw the officials who decided if they could stay or if they were to be sent back home

We caught another ferry to visit another borough of New York City and see Staten Island

Our second trip to Grimaldi's

Mike drinking a Brooklyn lager in Brooklyn