Home Sweet Home

Posted by Hannah on Thursday, January 21, 2010.

Today I made this little banner, which I'm absolutely loving, and pinned it up on the wall behind the dining table.

I also love these buns I found on Flickr.com by Yummy Piece of Cake. They're so bright and they look so fun. I want to make buns like this!

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  1. jackiescrafts

    Love your banner Hannah, did you use a stencil to cut out your letters?
    Those buns look yummy, I'm sure you can make buns like those

    Hugs Mum x

  2. jackiescrafts

    Hi Han I thought I commented on this but maybe not, these are great I love your banner and you can make buns like those i know.
    How did you do your letters in your banner? they are all so even

    Hugs Mum

  3. Hannah

    I printed the writing out from the computer and stuck the letters to the pretty paper and then cut around them! that's why it looks so even! xx

  4. jackiescrafts

    I did wonder x

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