Getting my photos printed...

Posted by Hannah on Monday, January 18, 2010.

Today I finally got round to making an order to get some of my digital photos printed. I have been meaning to do this for ages but was finally inspired to get on with it after discovering Elsie's (of Red Velvet Art) blog this weekend! She's so talented and I found this cute idea for displaying photos.

I am going to make a variation on this but still with a finger knitted garland and I think it's going to look great - I'm so excited to get on with it and will post some pictures once it's completed!

This weekend I also bought some pretty papers to finally start scrap-booking, so ordered some extra photos to get me going with this - again will post pictures once my photos are back and I've had chance to make a few pages.

Tonight Mike and I are off ice-skating in Nathan Phillips Square. I love going ice skating but I'm not really that good at it, we keep thinking about getting some lessons but I think we just need to keep practising.

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  1. jackiescrafts

    Yey scrapbooking will be good, I'm keen to have a go too and have just done my first page in which you are the star. You can see it on my blog

  2. jackiescrafts

    You realise you will soon be hooked and end up with a stash like mne?
    You'll have to move 'cos you will need a bigger house hehe
    Hugs xx

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