Goodbye Hat

Posted by Hannah on Monday, July 11, 2011. Filed under:

At the beginning on June I got a great new hat from Urban Outfitters. I didn't take it off my head I loved it so much! It went to Montreal and Rio de Janeiro with me, before I sadly managed to leave it on the plane on the way home from Rio.
I tried to replace it but they seem to have stopped carrying this exact hat so I've had to get a slightly different one.

Goodbye hat, we had some great times...

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  1. Sarah

    Oh no! I'm always afraid I'm gonna leave things behind wherever I go (probably because I do with astonishing frequency). Hopefully your hat found itself a new, great home to have more memories. (:

  2. jackiescrafts

    Awwww what a shame, I hope the new one enjoys it's adventures with you

    Hugs Mum x

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