Our Weekend

Posted by Hannah on Monday, March 14, 2011.

Found: Jaffa cake replacements! We have been looking for a Jaffa cake replacement since we came to Canada as these are one of Mike's favourites and this weekend we finally found it at Walmart.
Mmmmm... Say Cheese Cheese popcorn from Kernels...
... because this weekend we finally watched Black Swan! And I really liked the film. It was kinda weird though and it's hard to tell at times what is real and what isn't. It's one of those films that your still thinking about for days after and read up on after watching to better understand what was going on! I think I need to see it again sometime as I think it's one of those where I'll see things I missed the first time round.

Also this weekend I have been really into Cougar Town. I can't help it I really love this show. Maybe it's because I was such a Friends fan, I don't know, but this weekend I have been catching up on season 2. I'm still not totally caught up, I'm on episode 10 now and I'm totally calling (and secretly hoping) Laurie and Travis get together! I think it would be so sweet! Haha.

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